Find Your Favorite Season Fudge Flavors

Wondering when your favorite seasonal flavors are coming to the Fudge Factory? Here’s a list of all of our favorite seasonal flavors, and when you can find them on the Crystal Coast! We always make an effort to make sure the World’s Best Fudge utilizes fresh local ingredients, so most of your favorite limited edition flavors are only available when the ingredients are in season.

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Let’s Meet Up at the NC Seafood Festival!

Visit the Crystal Coast for the North Carolina Seafood Festival

Can you believe it? The 29th Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival is just two days away! After a whirlwind summer on the Crystal Coast, we’re ready for cool nights on the Morehead City waterfront, enjoying good times and great local seafood. Check out this year’s lineup of festivities.

Depending on your level of bravery, you might be able to see the Fudge Factory across the bridge from the tip top of an amusement ride! All rides open at 2 pm on Friday, October 2nd. Don’t worry, there are rides safe for the little ones as well, and a variety of arcade games where you can win fun prizes to take

Start off your Saturday morning with the Twin Bridges 8k Road Race starting at 8 am, leading right into a delicious cooking demonstration in the Chef’s Tent starting at 10 am. This year’s Chef’s Tent series will feature great North Carolina grown produce and locally sourced seafood, sponsored by Got to Be NC Agriculture.

Everyone has been talking about this year’s star performer, ACM Award nominee Dustin Lynch. You may know him from such hit singles as “Cowboys and Angels” and “Where It’s At,” or as the opening act for country superstars like Keith Urban and Luke Bryan. North Carolina native Emily Minor will warm up the Agri Supply Main Stage for Dustin Lynch. Show starts at 8 pm, so get your tickets before it’s too late! And stick around after for an amazing Morehead City waterfront fireworks show at 9 pm.

On 10 am Sunday morning, don’t miss the Blessing of the Fleet, a time of celebration and thanksgiving as we give thanks for our state’s resource of Seafood. After all, we couldn’t have fudge for dessert without something for dinner!

For a full list of festival events, visit the North Carolina Seafood Festival Website, and don’t forget to venture across the bridge into Beaufort, America’s Coolest Small Town, to visit us folks at the Fudge Factory on Front Street. We can’t wait to see everyone at the place where sea food and sea fun meet!

Come Visit Us at the Beaufort Pirate Invasion!

Our little town of Beaufort, North Carolina is rich in pirate history and chock full of fun, making it the perfect place for the Annual Pirate Invasion, a two-day takeover of Historic Downtown Beaufort. Go back in time as America’s Coolest Small Town is transformed into a 17th Century pirate-haven with sword fighting, cannon firing, mock trials, and blackpowder weapons displays. If you’ve never experienced the Crystal Coast before, this is the weekend you’ll want to do it.


This Friday and Saturday, August 7th-8th, the tomfoolery begins each day at 9 am. Enjoy the Buccaneer Review, a BBQ Dinner catered by Clawson’s Restaurant, and the Pirate Talent Show, Friday from 5:30 to 8:30 pm at Main Stage Tent. Those without a peg leg are welcome to join the pre-grog jog for some yo ho ho and a bottle o’ RUN Saturday morning at 7 am. Register for the 1 mile or 5k jog or walk here.

Celebrate the end of the invasion and a return to peace and prosperity with an evening of live music, grog, and good cheer at the Parley on the Waterfront, Saturday night at The Dockhouse. Festivities are free and run from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Our favorite part of the Beaufort Pirate Invasion? Spontaneous shenanigans! All weekend long, pirates roam the streets and shops, pillaging, singing, storytelling, and more. Stop into the Fudge Factory on the Beaufort Waterfront, but watch out for nefarious characters along the way. You never know what could happen at the Beaufort Pirate Invasion!


The World’s Best Fudge: A Perfect Summertime Treat

Summer is Historic Downtown Beaufort’s favorite season and while Front Street comes alive with sights and sounds, here at The Fudge Factory it’s all about the tastes and smells of homemade fudge! Who says you shouldn’t be able to enjoy delicious chocolate fudge in the eastern North Carolina heat? Normally, chocolate would melt into an ooey gooey mess this time of year, but our fudge is different.


Fudge from The Fudge Factory won’t melt, even with these recent heat advisories. Why? It’s because we make our fudge without any oils. That’s why we’re able to send chocolate fudge to those serving our country overseas – our sweet treats arrive to soldiers around the world in the same delicious form as the fudge you buy out of our Front Street store, thanks to the help of the USO. The only time you’ll see our chocolate fudge melt is when it melts in your mouth, and that’s what makes it the World’s Best Fudge!

Stop by The Fudge Factory for a delicious summer treat that will taste as good when you get it home as it does when you leave the store. Want to treat a deserving service member to the World’s Best Fudge? If so, make a donation here and The Fudge Factory and USO will send our famous fudge to an active duty service member overseas or a member of the military who is returning home to their family as a sweet thank you for everything they do to protect our freedom.

S4S Image

Located on the Beaufort waterfront, The Fudge Factory has been making fudge the old-fashioned way, by hand, for over 30 years with each batch individually cooked in a large copper pot and poured on a cool marble table before it’s paddled by hand and formed into a loaf and sliced. Experience the World’s Best Fudge at our storefront or order online today.

Make Our Fudge Your Next Party Favor

At the Fudge Factory, our master candy makers are continuing the tradition of making delicious fudge by hand. Each batch is individually cooked in a large copper pot, poured onto a cool marble table, and paddled by hand to form a warm loaf of melt-in-your-mouth fudge. Everyone loves chocolate, but our hand-made recipe is by far the best. Why not treat guests at your next event to a sweet treat?

The Fudge Factory provides fudge for all of your special occasions, like birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and corporate events. Serve a delicious chocolate treat at your next party, or send your guests home with a souvenir they surely won’t forget.

chocolate wedding favors peanut butter fudgeDon’t be afraid to get creative! Trust us, we have the most delicious fudge not just on the Crystal Coast, not just in Eastern North Carolina, but in the world! Your guests will be talking about our mouth-watering treats long after the party is over. We can ship orders in as soon as 3 days for your next event. Order by telephone at 1-800-551-8066. Thanks for keeping the Fudge Factory in mind for all of your year round special occasions.

Get the latest news on today’s flavors, or request a flavor of your very own, by following us on Facebook! You’ll love seeing the world’s best fudge made in America’s Coolest Small Town, Historic Downtown Beaufort, NC everyday on your news feed!

The Life Of Steve Waters, The Man Behind The Fudge

The Fudge Factory has always been a family business, built on the philosophy that a sweet treat can bring people together. Steve Waters, the owner of The Fudge Factory and the maker of our favorite fudge, is the glue that keeps the business together. The same is true in his family life. Mr. Waters’ granddaughter, Megan Waters, wrote this beautiful tribute to her grandfather as a school report.

FullSizeRender (6)

My grandfather’s name is Steve Rodger Waters. My nickname for him is Paw. Paw was born in Beaufort County on December 17th, 1937. There were four boys in his family. His ancestors emigrated from England and Scotland. One of his ancestors, his great great grandmother, was an American Cherokee Indian. Paw lived in Beaufort County as a child, and he loved to climb trees, hunt, and play with his dogs. Paw’s family had to grow all of their food. His family lived on a farm and had a cow, mule, pigs, chicken, and two hunting dogs. He spent a lot of time with his grandparents. Growing up, he had no electricity or running water, so they had to get their water from a well. Paw had lots of chores as a child, like cutting wood, feeding and taking care of the animals, and milking the cow. Some part-time jobs he had growing up were cutting wood to sell, working at a service station, and working as a substitute school bus driver. He also was a member of the 4H Club.

Paw’s father died of Bright’s disease when he was eight years old. He lived off his granddaddy’s land, so they had no income other than the land. They used their land to grow tobacco. About two years after his father passed, his mother got a job at the school. Paw’s mother sold Stanly products, was the secretary of the school, and drove the school bus. Their total income was seventy-eight dollars a month. His mother sewed all of their clothes and made clothes to sell and trade. Paw got married in 1962. He had to wait in line to buy gas in the 70’s.

There was more than one war in my grandfather’s life. There were no shoes during World War II, so his dad made all of their shoes while he was living. There was a lot of rationing when he was little. They had to black out their windows and put metal covers over their car lights. They were only allowed to drive at night for emergencies because they didn’t want the enemies seeing any light to bomb. Paw’s uncles were in World War II. To help with wartime efforts, Paw and his family collected scrap metal to make bullets for the war. Paw served in the Vietnam War, and had to leave two baby boys behind. War times were very hard.

A funny story in Paw’s family was when his youngest brother, Rudy, was born, everyone wanted a girl and not a boy. His father said since the war was going on, they had to accept what they could get. About a year later, his oldest brother came inside shouting, “The war is over!” Then he said, “Now we can take Rudy back and exchange him for a girl!” They all laughed at this.

Paw joined church in 1952 and was baptized in a Baptist church. One piece of advice Paw would like to see passed down from generation to generation is to do to others as you would have them do to you, and don’t stop going to church. His favorite scripture is John 3:16, He wants his grandchildren to have happy, prosperous lives and to stay close to their families. I love my Paw very much!

Chocolate For Your Health: 6 Completely Logical Reasons You Deserve Fudge

Cutting back on chocolate in an attempt to get swimsuit ready? What if we told you that you didn’t need to? Ok, moderation is always key (even when it’s difficult to put our fudge down) but it’s important to know that our fudge is hand made with only the best ingredients, starting with chocolate in its purest form. It’s packed with healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobromine, which make it a disease-fighting superfood! Here are six reasons to enjoy our famous fudge this summer:

Fudge, Fudge Factory

1. One or two servings of dark chocolate each week can cut your risk of heart failure by as much as one third. Just one square of dark chocolate each day can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart attack by 39%. The flavonoids found in chocolate increase the flexibility of your veins and arteries to keep your blood flowing.

2. Secret Pregnancy Tip? Women who ate chocolate during their pregnancy said that they were better able to handle stress than those who avoided the treat. So don’t feel guilty – feed those cravings! After all, you clearly have a Fudge Factory fan in the making!

3. Reduce your risk of diabetes with chocolate. Sound too good to be true? Participants in a health study who ate dark chocolate once a day for 15 days saw their potential for insulin resistance drop by almost an entire half. The Fudge Factory makes sugar-free fudge, perfect for watching your blood sugar and controlling insulin sensitivity.

4. Eat chocolate, reduce stress. There’s a reason we reach for chocolate when we’re feeling anxious: it reduces stress hormone levels, which in turn stops the metabolic effects of stress.

5. It boosts your brain power. We already know it helps ward off stress, so popping a piece before you tackle a big work project is a given. But did you know that eating rich chocolate can boost blood flow to the brain for up to three hours? A piece of fudge could improve your performance and alertness, helping you finish out the work day strong.

6. It can quiet a cough. A professor of respiratory pharmacology at the National Heart and Lung Institute discovered that chocolate quieted a cough almost as well as codeine, but without any of the negative side effects like drowsiness. Who knew?

Located on the Beaufort waterfront, The Fudge Factory has been making fudge the old-fashioned way, by hand, for over 30 years with each batch individually cooked in a large copper pot and poured on a cool marble table before it’s paddled by hand and formed into a loaf and sliced. Experience our fudge at our storefront or order online today.